God is a Goal Setter-Part 2

April 7, 2011
God is a Goal Setter- Part 3
April 10, 2011

God is a Goal Setter-Part 2

Occasionally, I take a look at the Forbes list of the wealthiest people on earth by their net-worth. Sometimes I just picture a name that I consider big, and start looking at their position on that list. I like looking for Oprah and sometimes Steve Jobs on that list. That is when I am idle.Such like lists are accessed by millions of curious people every day.

It has been said that the wealthy and successful have two common traits; one, the habit and discipline of goal setting, and two, the habit and discipline of continous learning. That those two things make them rich. I know it is true. But come to think of it…we all have God above everyone, so by default God is the richest entity in the universe. God is a mega-dreamer, God is a relentless lover and goal-setter. In the previous installment, we looked at the story of Moses…how God set a goal to retrieve one nation from another, communicated to Moses, and about eleven chapters later, achieved exactly what He said he would do.
Of course we know God as a miracle working God. However for the most part God cherishes Processes, God cherishes SEASONS….infact God operates in seasons, and has put the seasons in place. The habit of Goal setting is crucial for success, significance, wealth and greatness. It is crucial. The goal setter however must understand the attitude of perseverance that waters the seeds of your goals until the season of fruition comes. That is relentlessness. God said: “For as long as Earth lasts, planting and harvest, cold and heat, Summer and winter, day and night will never stop.”
As you focus on setting your goals, you must understand that Goal setting does not work-you do! You must understand that Goal Setting is not abracadabra performance of miracles. You must respect processes, seasons, and timeframes. You have probably heard about the Chinese Bamboo tree that has the toughest seed on earth. Guess what? God made it! This seed is watered for FOUR YEARS before it can sprout out of the ground. What if you stopped watering it on the third year?
Question: How long was God’s goal for retrieving one nation from another? Answer: Four hundred and thirty years. A goal must have a timeframe, so God set it. Moses was appearing on the scene four hundred years after God set this particular goal. Wow! And you thought you had patience! But hold it right there! Is’nt God supposed to be a miracle worker doing stunning stuff and displaying signs and wonders? Well that is a major facet of God. However, a large percentage of God’s work is in respect to processes, seasons, and timings. Instead of praying for a miracle…maybe you could set some goals. The miracle is in the process. The miracle is in the seed. The miracle doesnt happen until there is action on the part of a human being.
Again I say, God is a Goal Setter, and He started it long before we started teaching about it. This thought continues in the next post.

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