February 24, 2011
The Illusion of Now, The Mirage of Then
March 2, 2011


In the development of one’s Life Signatures, Integrity is extremely key. Many Personal Development Trainers and conference speakers always will mention the word Integrity. My pastor few years back gave me this definition of integrity…“Integrity is WHO you are in the dark”.

That is true. It goes without saying that Integrity will always play key part in directing a Visionary’s Moral Code. In fact, a Life Signature’s true quality is an ‘ALL ROUNDED LIFE’. You have probably seen those passionate body builders who use home-made gadgets to flex their muscles. The results are always very interesting. Unbeknown to them, their body posture changes due to lack of BALANCE.

I am a great visionary and I am terribly excited about where I am going. Yesterday, at Watoto Church Central in Kampala, I had the opportunity to stand before the congregation and deliver the following statement:

My Name is Lawrence Namale and I am currently engaged to my best Friend Beth, and set to be united together in Holy Matrimony in April 16th 2011. Together, we have enjoyed such meaningful friendship and godly courtship since 2009. However, our blossoming friendship was blighted when we fell in to sexual sin towards the end of 2010. As a result, we are both expecting a child midway through this year.

The Bible admonishes us to confess our sins one to another that the healing of God may come. It is on this premise that we stand before this congregation not only to let you know of our intention, but to let you know of the circumstances that we find ourselves in. We are before you to ask for your forgiveness since we fell short of the Standard.

Well, that is deep stuff right there. I felt it in my heart to be my own publisher today of this post. It is a challenge to all the visionaries out there to watch your moral code, and come to terms with it whenever blighted in any way.

Have a great week.