The Illusion of Now, The Mirage of Then
March 2, 2011
March 11, 2011


Change is the only constant thing in life, every other thing changes. Speaking of which, it reminds me of this statement: Men marry women hoping that they wont change, and they do, women marry men hoping that they will change and they don’t! Life will never ever be a constant. Life is always an adventure, and the earlier we anticipate that adventure the best prepared we will be for the seeming ups and downs that it has to offer.

Sometimes we are squeezed into a corner to make a transition. Other times we take calculated risks as we take life by the horns seeking to move from our comfort zones.  Amazingly, our brains were created to keep us safe. That is why whenever something outside of the norm happens, the brain reacts by sending resistance. It desires to keep you safe within the confines of the known, understood comfort zones.

Transition and change is so real to every human being. Everyone falls into the following categories: there are those who have just come OUT of a transition, there are those going THROUGH a transition, and there are those going straight on INTO a transition. This covers all and sundry and leaves no one behind.
Whether forced into a transition or taking calculated risks, managing transitions is one of the most important skills that a visionary should muster. The following points will be of great help:

  • One of my affirmations goes something like this, “I am successful in all that my hands find to do in the interim of living my dreams”. The fall back position is Purpose. Like a mighty ship anchored ashore, ones life purpose will help you keep steady as you undergo a transition. You see, the Life Purpose you have at the moment is the anchor for your life. That is why even if for some reason you might find yourself doing what you do not like, you will always have the knowledge at the back of your mind that ‘this is temporary, am waiting on my Life’s Purpose’. So keep waiting on it, though it tarries, it shall come to pass. Wait on it. Les Brown says it best: “To persevere in hard times, you will have to call on your deepest purpose”
  • Realize that a transition is seldom the place to make long-time life assumptions. Just because it is not raining right now does not mean that there will be a drought the whole year. You can never make a life-time decision that has permanent long time far reaching effects in your life at a temporary valley of transition. Remember, it is not as bad as it seems. On the same token, you cannot judge yourself and heap loads of regret upon your life for what you did or did not do. That will not help you in transitioning at all.
  • At the time of transition, tune into a Higher Power that knows more than what your finite mind fathoms, that sees further beyond the horizons of your finite mind. It is tragic to listen to your mind, or brain whose sole purpose at the time of transition is to fight it and make you safe. Someone said, “A ship docked at the shore is very safe, but that is not what ships were meant for.”
  • Ride the waves. The biggest mistake people do in a transition is to try fighting what is happening. Some times all one needs is to stand still…and let the transition take place. Let your focus be on what you want, and not on the uncomfortable transition that you do not want. Someone said that whatever you resist, persists. Again, Les Brown admonishes us thus: “In the prosperous times, build your pockets. In the tough times, you strengthen what is in your heart”.
  • Open your inner heart to learn. There have been poems that have been written so precious when the human soul has been crushed to such an extend that nothing impure emanates from it. A transition is normally a great learning curve. Instead of rebuking it and fighting a transition, take pen and paper and be very attentive to learn. By all means make sure you learn. If you do not, chances are that you will not graduate. You will drop out prematurely. The problem with that set up is that you will still be required to face the transition until what needs to be learnt is learnt fully.

The attitudes above when adopted will make a transition palatable. Learn to PLAN your life because a transition is always inevitable. Learn to PLAN your finances to purchase you TIME whenever a transition season comes unexpectedly. Be strong and resilient, hold your head up high, soon enough, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
Have a great week wont you?