January 27, 2011
January 31, 2011


This can easily be one of the most controversial posts on this blog. The Title of this post is lifted straight from the Bible…a book that has amazing statistics to note. Think about this: The Bible is the most read book year in year out world-wide….the Bible is the most stolen book to date…just these two statistics should make one want to check it out…but I digress.

The Bible reports that Cain murdered his brother Abel because of envy…and boy do we see envy all around us today? Did you know that envy could be as close as inside of you? Think about it, where does envy stem from? Isn’t it from not knowing and living your dreams? Have you ever found a person so passionate in their dreams and seriously pursuing them…envious of a brother or a sister who is ‘seemingly’ making it in life? Hardly! But I digress again.
Part of Cain’s punishment was to be ‘a fugitive and Vagabond on earth’. I believe that that is one of the most severe punishments that can be meted on a human being. Why? Because it is contrary to the original intention of the human race to be fugitives and vagabonds on earth. The SOLE PURPOSE for the existence of the human race lies here: “You are here to bear fruit, reproduce, lavish life and live bountifully”.

Look at the energy levels of those two scenarios. “A fugitive and Vagabond, aimless wanderer on earth” vs “bear fruit, reproduce, lavish life and live bountifully”!There is a heaven and earth difference in those two scenarios. Here is a man created for the sole purpose of making things happen, governing the happening things and having fun at it….now playing hide and seek with the world, governed by fear (Cain said….”I am a hopeless wanderer on earth, whoever finds me will kill me”)!!

However, bringing this close home…the analogy applies to people who are not living the Original Purpose…both generally and specifically…and oh! they are in the billions world over! Come to think of it, if I have no idea what my SPECIFIC MISSION on earth is….what difference really is there between me and brother Cain? Honestly? Can we talk about this? Worse still we all know the ‘generic God given mission’…if I am not living it, acting it…what difference is there between me and brother Cain?
Myles Munroe most famously said, “The richest place on earth is not the oil fields in the east, or in the uranium deposits in the Balkans….the riches place on earth is in the graveyard”.

We walk around wandering AIMLESSLY on earth…as if we are second-rate citizens, and not the initial MANAGERS of the earth itself! We walk around as vagabonds, bearing burden after burden after burden…that when weighted on the scale shows no ounce of inclination on PURPOSE!

Frankly, I am tired of that kind of a lifestyle. My life has got to count. So should yours! There has got to be a reason as to why I did not die at child birth as Brother Job wished…there has got to be a reason as to why my name and passport size photo has never appeared in the obituary column…there has got to be a reason as to why I survived that disease…that heartache, that pain…that rejection….that retrenchment…that job loss…that ‘mess’…THERE HAS GOT TO BE A REASON AS TO WHY I AM HERE!!!

I made a decision to zealously pursue and find out THAT REASON…and then passionately live it out and spend myself and at the end of the day, die empty! My mission is not that the world will see me on TV…or that documentaries be made about me…am not in this for fame or fortune…but I am in this for SIGNIFICANCE…am in this like a glove to perfectly fit ‘the hand’ that was fashioned to wear…and I am totally sure that the God who told Cain (after issuing his punishment) “Anyone who kills Cain will pay seven times over”…will be up there backing me up, slapping people high fives and yelling “THAT’S MY SON, THAT’S MY SON”.
I am not a fugitive and vagabond…I am a man on Purpose! YES!!