9 Powerful Thoughts on ‘How to be Irreplaceable’ [Part 1]

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September 10, 2015
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September 25, 2015

9 Powerful Thoughts on ‘How to be Irreplaceable’ [Part 1]

Everyone is Expendable?


Can a husband be replaceable? OK, I know the vows say, “Till death do us part”. Am  not disputing that. But can he operate in such a way that a wife would rather be married to someone else, or not married altogether?

Can a wife be replaceable?

Can a teacher be replaceable?

How about a preacher, president, cook, Minister, soldier, mineral worker, student, employer, employee?

How about a blogger, a speaker, an author, an entrepreneur?

Stark statistics first of all…


Ten out of Ten will exit this world. Yellow, red, black or white. No exceptions. In my upcoming book, “Permission for Greatness, Bridging the gap between school and relevance”, I pose a simple question:

Why is it that when we often talk of great souls, we almost always have to go several decades way back in the past to fish for examples? [Tweet it Here]


You see, those great souls were not replaced. So before you can argue that “everyone is dispensable”, please note that there are those who have acquired the necessary tools to perform to such a degree that they will always be missed!

In Politics, I have always wondered what the world would be like today if the following people had not been assassinated:

  • Abraham Lincoln (USA)
  • JF Kennedy (USA)
  • Bobby Kennedy (USA)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (USA)
  • Tom Mboya (Kenya)
  • John Robert Ouko (Kenya)
  • J M Kariuki (Kenya)
  • Thomas Sankara (Burkina Faso)
  • Ken Saro Wiwa (Nigeria)
  • Patrice Lumumba (DR Congo)
  • Steve Biko (South Africa)
  • Malcolm X (USA)
  • …the list goes on and on.

My simple question today is this:Were all these people replaceable?

How to be irreplaceable

Can you find a better soul than Abe Lincoln who oversaw the war over slavery in America?

Can you find a better activist than Martin Luther King Jr. to fight against racism?

Can you find a more electrifying and visionary politician to be compared to Tom Mboya or JM Kariuki?

Can you find a more daring leader than Thomas Sankara who changed the name of his country to mean “Land of Upright Man”, a decision that was upheld by his detractors and assassin regime?

The answer to all these questions is an overwhelming “NO”.


Now, that is just in the field of politics and Leadership. There are many other fields where our lives are relevant that have seen many irreplaceable people.

As the world continues to move from one dispensation to another, the truth that will always be told is that man was never meant to compete. Man was made for the purpose of DOMINATION. That is the only way to be irreplaceable. [Tweet That Right Away!]

Can you dominate where you were never intended?

Can you dominate where you have no passion?

Can you dominate where you have no knowledge?

Can you dominate where you are set on competing?

Can you dominate where you are just about average?

Can you dominate where you are not skilled?

The answer is “NO”

In the next post, we shall discuss just what can be found in the toolbox of the irreplaceable souls the world over. We shall answer the question that most people are asking: How can I be irreplaceable? We shall start exploring with you exactly “How to be Irreplaceable” in your life. Stay tuned.

Question: In all your spheres and titles, are you irreplaceable?