4 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity and Effectiveness in Purpose Pursuit (Part 2)

4 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity and Effectiveness in Purpose Pursuit (Part 1)
October 7, 2017
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October 9, 2017

4 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity and Effectiveness in Purpose Pursuit (Part 2)


n the previous post, we introduced the subject of how purpose is inextricably linked to effectiveness. In other words, you are effective to the degree that you understand your purpose. Do you know why people are always given Job Descriptions when they are hired? It is so that they can be tracked and measured on their effectiveness. Further, people are given Key Performance Indicators in order to remain effective.

Without these things, one is like a ship sitting on the shores with no direction. If not anchored, that ship can be tossed to and fro by the waves and taken whatever place. Unfortunately, that is how very many people’s lives are. They are not effective; they are not productive because they have not understood the purpose behind their being. When I am engaged in doing something, I do not just want to do it. I want to excel at it. I want to do it and leave a mark behind, a mark of effectiveness.

A Quick Recap

I am the “why” guy. I normally ask that question as many times as possible, as often as possible until some people get sick of me. The reason why I do that is that I am committed to effectiveness. I never want my ship to sail without a compass, without a direction and without a mission. Even my adventures have a purpose in them.

So in the last post we shared two of the four pillars of effectiveness.

  1. Competence
  2. Planning

I believe that even with those two pillars, chances are that one will start growing through the ladders of effectiveness. You cannot afford to be incompetent with your purpose, and you cannot afford to live purposeless without infusing a plan in your daily living.

Original Intention

Today, we conclude these powerful thoughts by including the last two pillars. Suffice it to say, I believe that effectiveness is the ultimate design of the Divine. When you read about the precision with which the Earth as a planet is placed in the solar system, you cannot fail to see the original intention for effectiveness being woven into creation.

When you take a look at our own body parts and body systems and how they function, you cannot fail to notice that optimal performance, productivity and effectiveness was the intention of the designer. Therefore, each day that we exist must be an answer to the call of effectiveness and productivity. By the way, we all as human beings love to celebrate effectiveness and productivity. When a goal is achieved, we all celebrate. Each weekend, we gather around TV screens or sports stadia to witness effectiveness and productivity. We keep tabs in form of tables to track the effectiveness of our teams. When our team is disappointing us, we are thoroughly crestfallen, especially if we are genuine supporters of that team.

3. Dependencies

In earlier posts, I have talked over and over again about the importance of people in purpose pursuit. The fact is that you cannot be able to do everything that you want to do without people. This is both good news and bad news.

It is good news because you get help. God knew how important dependencies are that he pioneered a system called “Helpmeet” for man. Now, a helper is not someone who is weak and subordinate to you, not necessarily in the context of “Helpmeet”. Myles Munroe says that if someone is coming to help you, first you must be doing something. Second, either that person has the same strength as you do or is actually stronger than you are.

Dependencies though can be a headache in that you can be let down by the people that you are depending on. Therefore, the quality of your effectiveness is directly proportional to the quality of the dependencies that you have:

  • Those You Report To: You look up to them for resources, guidance, decisions and so on. There are situations where whole projects have stalled because one dependency is not on board with it, is not available or has not understood your request. I have figured out that our bosses must never receive information the same way we do. You see, to be effective with our bosses, we need to chew the information we are passing on to them to such an extent that they can easily make a decision with it in split seconds. The information must be concise, and precise. Therefore, effective communication is critical in shaping your relationship with this dependency. It makes you effective.
  • Those Who Report To You: You have leverage over these. In fact, if you look carefully, these are the ones that make you shine. Therefore, how you choose them is extremely important. It is possible that you will have those who are incompetent. It is also possible that you will have those who have bad attitude towards work. In order to be effective, you need to have a team around you that has the correct attitude. Personally, I would rather have someone who is “seemingly” incompetent but have great attitude. Such are pliable and teachable. There can only be two ways of dealing with this group: either you empower them or you fire them. Your effectiveness is on the line. There is this quote I saw on social media: The Finance Manager asks: “what if we train them and they leave?” The CEO retorts, “What if we do not train them and they stay?” Leaving and staying is directly and firmly in your control here.
  • Your Peers: Their work depends on you. Your work depends on theirs. In order to be effective, the two or three of you need to look at the structure of your dependency. The thing that needs to change here is parts of the systems and processes that you have deployed. Could be that there are redundant processes that just occupy space and waste time and resources. Get rid of them and re-engineer your process for effectiveness.

4. Technology

The purpose of technology is to make us effective in our purpose. Technology is more of an enabler than it is a stand-alone field on its own. In other words, technology is infused in as many disciplines as there are. I cannot think if any part of pursuit of purpose that cannot be technology enabled. I love technology because it helps us do things faster, more precisely, accurately, repetitively and in other powerfully effective ways. Come to think of the following:

  • The invention of the printing press
  • The invention of the wheel
  • The invention of the compass and maritime travel
  • The invention of the airplane
  • The invention of mass production and manufacturing
  • The invention of personal computers
  • The invention of the internet
  • The invention of smartphones

Our goal today must always be to answer this question:

“How best can I deploy technology in my pursuit of purpose in order to be increasingly effective each day?”

If you keep staring at this question and getting answers out of it, you will be pleasantly surprised at how your effectiveness will increase day by day. Here is the secret: Do not think technology with think for you. Please do the thinking and deploy technology to implement the rest.

I hope that we take a good look at these four ways and go on to become the most effective generation since the creation of the world. Yes we can, and yes we must.