3 Strong Reasons Why you Must ‘Think within the Box’

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May 12, 2014
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3 Strong Reasons Why you Must ‘Think within the Box’

Don’t get me wrong, but I think that this ‘thinking outside the box’ business is seriously overrated! No it is not useless and yes, it has its place. However, with the hullabaloo around this metaphor, you would be excused to feel like you do not belong if you are not ‘thinking outside the box’.

Let’s do a small detour here and take a look at one of the simplest and yet most effective advertising taglines: Nike. Just.Do.It. In these little words, I believe this sports shoe giant is communicating the following:

· Stop Complicating Things:

Two single people are working in the same organization. Male and Female. Both would like to get married. Both attend weekly meetings. Both do NOT have each other’s contacts. Apparently, they are praying to God to ‘reveal’ to them and confirm it by a prophet whom they would marry. To the lady, men (and let’s just add ‘good men’) are scarce. Maybe. Maybe not. Stop complicating things, just do it!

·  Stop Procrastinating Things:

This is wanting the right environment to do things. Sometimes its called the ‘after’ syndrome. After I finish school, get married, get the extra degree, buy the family car…the list is endless. If you have a chance now to do it, just do it. Ask a regretting soul on their death bed. They will tell you what you already know. Just.Do.It.

·   Stop Looking for Approval before doing things:

My wife went out jogging last week. She was so excited and immediately posted on Facebook about her achievement. You will not believe it. A certain ‘friend’ strongly asked her not to jog in the evenings, because ‘it has been scientifically proven’ that it is not healthy. I was incensed! I told that ‘friend’ that jogging in the evening is ten thousand times better than not jogging at all! If you are waiting for everyone to approve before you do it…you never will. Just do it.


·  Stop doing things for the applause of the crowds:

I suffer from this one from time to time. I normally have this rush of excitement every time I see a hungry crowd, ready to receive words of wisdom from Life Signatures. But you know something, crowds are not a daily phenomenon even for Christiano Ronaldo. What is important is what I am doing in between meeting the crowds. There are days I have ‘conversations’ with God that I really wish could be recorded and aired. I kid you not, they would trump TD Jakes in his zone (at least that is what I normally feel). Are you obscure? Just.Do.It. The crowd will come. Will you be prepared then? If Oprah gave you her platform today, what would you offer the world? Seriously?

·  Stop Over-analyzing:

This is one typical result of ‘thinking outside the box’. Apparently, what you have is not enough to take action. You need more confirmation. You need more information. You need to test all the options. You need it to be perfect before you launch it. I got news for you. This is not the only nor is it the last you will launch. That’s why your headlamps do not shine all the way to your destination the moment you get started on the journey. What can you do now? Just.Do.It! Believe me, I am speaking to myself on this one, I kid you not! The audio books, the other pending manuscripts, the current manuscript…This is my message. Most classy things are not made at the first try…most of them are made ‘on the go’. Just do it!

The following are three reasons why you must think within the box.

1. Everybody got a box:

Everyone has great potential, talents, gifts, strengths and opportunities. Before you can think outside the box, have you exhausted these? Your breakthrough could very well be within the box. Frankly, if we thought within this box of personal potential, personal branding and personal Life Purpose, chances are that we would create revolutions.

2. The Treasures in Your Box are Inexhaustible:

A 6 year old can learn and speak five different languages fluently. That’s versatility. Your ‘box’ together with your experiences in life form inexhaustible treasures to benefit your world and indeed the world if we just focus on them.

3. Thinking within the box maintains Originality:

For the most part, what I see as thinking outside the box normally results in things that do not form the core of one’s passion. Looking within and executing from within helps us to stay authentic in our pursuits. Thinking outside the box should not be the same as copying other people’s passion at the expense of our own boxes.


If you are coming up with a new idea, it better stems from within your box!


Considering that your potential is 100%, what percentage do you think you are utilizing at the moment?