The Greatest Lesson From the Deaths of Jesus and Mozey Radio

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The Greatest Lesson From the Deaths of Jesus and Mozey Radio

“Influence means that your life has so much dominion that even death cannot destroy it”


esus Christ, Tupac Shakur, Tom Mboya, Pio Gama Pinto, Martin Luther King Jnr, Malcolm X, Bob Marley and others that I have not mentioned. Something unique about them. Can you tell me what it is? Someone can easily say, “They are all dead”. Well that’s true but what is so unique about all of them?

Well, let me add another name on that list and then give you the interesting thing about these great souls. (Now I know that you and I might have different definitions of great souls but we shall sort that out shortly). On 1st February, popular Ugandan musician “Mozey Radio”, born Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo succumbed to injuries suffered in a bar brawl and died at the young age of 33 years.

Mozey Radio (25 January 1985-1 February 2018 (aged 33) Image Credit: Kizza Ivan

And there you have it. All the great souls mentioned above died before their 40th birthday. Most of them died in their thirties!

[ictt-tweet-inline]To me, a great soul is simply who recognized and refined their gift thus consciously or unconsciously fulfilling their purpose on earth, serving humanity in one form or another.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

Mozey Radio and Jesus Christ

They both died at the age of 33. And I assure you that that is not the only comparison between these two great souls. Perhaps the greatest comparison between these two and the other great souls mentioned previously is this: They shall be remembered because of the legacy they left behind.

Perhaps my readers who are not from the East African region would not know who Mozey Radio is. He was a popular Ugandan “Secular” musician that is credited with releasing table topping single after single after single. He partnered with his fried “Weasel” in their crew called “Goodlife”.

There is no doubt that the legacy this guy has is an example of a Life Signature. I know you might be asking yourself: What in the world is a life signature?

A Life Signature

[ictt-tweet-inline]A Life Signature is a unique, meaningful, purpose-filled, relentless, inspiring and fulfilling life that benefits an ordinary individual to have an impact in the lives of OTHERS.[/ictt-tweet-inline] Ultimately, a Life Signature outlives a Visionary and affects several generations long after the Visionary is gone.

 During a Visionary’s lifetime, her focus and passion is to be the best that she can be, exploiting each and every God-given Potential to the very dregs over time. As such, whatever they do or whatever they have done, this statement will always speak of their accomplishments; “She was here!”
Enough said!

The Lesson (s)

1. Legacy Worries About Itself

Have you noticed something interesting with those who left a legacy? It is simply this: While they lived, their focus never greatly was on leaving a legacy. All they did was to exploit to the fullest what mattered to them as they lived. Legacy will always take care of itself, so quit trying to build one. Instead, do what you must, what you have to that comes from the pull of the heart. Jesus never said, “I want to leave a great legacy behind”. He cared less about legacy as compared to how greatly he cared about his purpose: “I came to seek and save that which was lost”. Mozey Radio did what mattered to him–sing. The lesson is simply this: [ictt-tweet-inline]Do what matters in your life now, let legacy worry about itself when you are gone.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

2. Gifts and Talents Are the Clue

The kind of legacy you will leave behind is inextricably linked to what you are good at, what you have been gifted and talented with. Today, Mozey Radio is not being remembered for anything else that he did, but for his incredible gift of writing, arranging, composing and singing songs. I don’t know if he had a degree. I don’t know if he flunked Mathematics or sciences, and frankly, I really don’t care about those yardsticks. The man had a voice and he refined it and churned out song after song after song. My greatest lesson from this guys is simply this:

Refine your gift Lawrence.

If it’s writing, write.

If it’s speaking, speak.

If it’s coaching, coach. 

If it’s inspiring, inspire.

[ictt-tweet-inline]Do it even in obscurity but make sure that your gift is refined daily.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

3. Consistency is the Fuel

Is there anything else you can identify Jesus Christ for apart from teaching people and leading them into the Kingdom of God? Hardly. Can you identify Mozey Radio with anything else apart from the entertainment industry in Uganda and Africa? Hardly! That my friend is the epitome of consistency that comes from locking in on purpose. A legacy is built when we are consistent with our purpose. The greatest lesson for me is this: [ictt-tweet-inline]Move heaven and earth to make sure that I specialize in one thing and let my identify, value and worth be built around that only![/ictt-tweet-inline]

4. Discipline is Paramount to Legacy

There is no way you are leaving legacy with indiscipline. I mean this in two ways. It is one thing to know that you are gifted and talented. It is however another thing to discipline yourself and put that gift and talent in a refinery of practice and delivery over and over and over again. That is the first discipline. The second discipline though is about our character. It such a sad story when you hear of how Mozey Radio ended up in a comma in hospital. He was where he was not supposed to be at that hour of the night perhaps. He was doing what he was not supposed to be doing perhaps. I do not want to judge and talk of many “maybe’s”. The greatest lesson though is this:

[ictt-tweet-inline]Discipline is that cushion that fiercely protects your gift, talent and purpose. Without it, you are naked, exposed and easily destroyed.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

5. Legacy Speaks at Death:

Frankly, your work while alive might be overlooked. Your work may be underrated. But us humans, we have a way of sobering up whenever death strikes. We inevitably start reflecting on the meaning of life. We start gauging the impact that the departed had. I didn’t care much about Mozey Radio but I got intrigued with the near stand still that the country was plunged in when his death was announced. Instantly, I was intrigued because of the nature of a life signature that this young man has left behind. At your death, even your most forgotten works will be unearthed and looked at in a different way. The greatest lesson here is this: Don’t be intimidated by life even if you are not recognized.

[ictt-tweet-inline]Your service on earth will continue far long after you are gone. Be sure you have something that you will leave behind for people when you are gone.[/ictt-tweet-inline]