2 Crucial Things To Do When Stagnant

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July 4, 2014
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July 11, 2014

2 Crucial Things To Do When Stagnant


adjective \ˈstag-nənt\

: not flowing

: not active, changing, or progressing.


After getting my first ever job as an IT Consultant and Instructor, it took me less than three months to master everything new about my work. In short, after just five months of working, I became seriously stagnant.

That state continued to deteriorate each month to such a degree that I greatly loathed going to work every day. I had formed a bizarre routine of cursing my workplace each morning before I went there. You would not believe it, but It took me a whooping 4 years to get out! All along, I was waiting for a break…or in spiritual lingo, I was waiting for a breakthrough!

If you are not progressing, You should at least grow

Can you believe that? I have more than 3 years in my ‘professional life’ that I cannot fully account for in terms of growth or progression. If you are not progressing to a new level, at least you should grow in the current level you are at. I had neither progression nor growth. Talk of being stagnant!

Stagnation is what many people face at different levels and with different areas of their lives: Career, Finances, Marriage and Relationships, Projects, Transitions to the next level and so on. I can tell you that it is not fun to be stagnant.

There are two major causes of stagnation:

  1. Things within your control
  2. Things Outside of your control.

I believe that the greatest fight we must wage with our lives is the fight for momentum. This is to say that whichever kind of stagnation we find ourselves in, we should make sure that one way or another, we are not eroding our value in any way. This is where Progression and Growth comes in.

In some situations, all you can do is just grow, because progression to the next level is not in your hands at the moment. In other situations, you need to take steps and do something outside of the norm, something that you have been uncomfortable to do all this while. Either way, growth and progression are firmly within your domain. Choose one.

The following is what I would suggest you do when you find yourself in a stagnant situation.

1. Identify The Center of Control

You need to determine whether the stagnation is beyond you. You will need to determine whether the situation is in your control or way out of your control. In very few circumstances, I dare say, you will always find that you are in the driving seat of your life and therefore are able to do something about your stagnant situation.

Amazingly, every time I have hit an all time low, when I have made a comeback, I have always been in a better position than the previous one I had. This is important for you to make a decision of whether you will grow or you will progress.

2. Make a Choice for Growth or Progress

You have two options. You must pick either. Otherwise, you will stay stagnant, which could lead to you getting stuck.  If you have determined that your stagnation is beyond your power to change, then you must make a decision to grow in the current state. The fact that you are stagnant at the moment does not translate to you being devoid of options with everything in your life. Growth, I can tell you will always be intentional. While you are waiting on circumstances to change, make a decision to milk all that you can for your good from the current situation.

For the most part, we are just afraid to take a leap, and that is why we think we are stagnant. As long as fear is the obstacle (and for the most part it always is), then we will stay stagnant forever. At some level, we need the guts to conquer fear…and the easiest antidote for fear is Action!

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