15 Things About Connections Your Kids Must Know – Part 4

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September 25, 2018
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15 Things About Connections Your Kids Must Know – Part 4


ne of the fiercest discussions around the world especially in the current age is the discussion around God. Some will call it religion, some will call it spirituality. In fact, in very many “modern” TV channels, the world “God” is muted while at the same time, lewd cusses are not. The nerve! In talking about connections, children will have to learn about their origin. There is no way you will be telling me about purpose without talking about origin. [ictt-tweet-inline]Purpose is not something in the future, it is actually something in the past orchestrated by an Originator.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

The Five Questions on Purpose

So far in the series, we have seen that connections of all types are absolutely critical to a life of purpose and success. It goes without saying that there is no way you are succeeding alone. You will need connections. The great teacher on purpose Dr. Myles Munroe gave us five questions that we need to answer in terms of our meaning here on earth. The answers to these five questions are connected. These connections if complete will help one in life and in their pursuit of purpose. Of course the question of origins features here greatly.

Here are the five questions:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. Where Do I come from?
  3. Why am I here?
  4. What can I do?
  5. Where am I going?

All these questions are strongly connected. For example, there is no point of knowing the answer to question 5 if you have no idea of the answer to question 2. Question 1 is in fact connected to question 2. There is no way that your identity is not connected to where you come from. No way. If you believe you came from a monkey, morality doesn’t matter to you. If you believe you came from God, morality, meaning, fairness and justice become the foundation of your pursuits.

Connections With God

Of all the connections that you can make in life, the connection with God is the most critical. Let me say from the off that this is not a logical connection that has an explanation congruent with Science. Your connection with God is a Spiritual connection. It is a great disservice to your child if you teach them about all other forms of connections and you fail to guide them in this one. You do not need to be an expert with God in order to teach your child about a connection with God. God has made is so possible that each one can communicate with him directly. Connection with God is not something that is done overnight. Each one has an individual and personal connection that they can foster. [ictt-tweet-inline]The greatest misconception we have about God is that to connect with him, we need intermediaries. Nothing can be further from the truth.[/ictt-tweet-inline] Start teaching your child to have their own personal connection with God and let them learn to grow it.

Benefits of Connections with God

People wrongly think that people who have a connection with God are either poor, desperate, or fanatical. Others think that these people are of low intellect. “Religion is the opium of the masses” someone once said. However, religion is not necessarily God. Religion is man trying to explain phenomena, the world, origins and the future. The problem with religion is that it has very many explanations of all these things I have mentioned, with each explanation resulting in a particular “god”. Logic whoever can tell you that you cannot have a million “gods” and have the universe created in such a genius way. There has to be One God who is in charge of every thing regarding origins and destiny. How do you get connected to that God? The answer is simple. A sincere seeker will not take weeks to get the connection to this God. The following are the benefits of getting connected to God

1. Connection to the Divine

Let’s face it: this world is not a one dimensional world. There is the empirical or the physical as well as the spiritual. There is no “excluded middle”. The evidence to this is our own hearts. We have the capacity in our hearts/spirits to connect to the supernatural world. If anything very many people do seek to make these supernatural connections especially at moments when we cannot explain the pressures of the physical world all in terms of what we are going through, what we are seeking and what we desire. Only a supernatural connection can help with that.

2. Peace of Mind

“I have an appointment with the President of the country, but that’s nothing. This morning I had a conversation with God”, a CEO told his staff one day. [ictt-tweet-inline]One of the highest treasures on earth is not just peace in the environment, but peace within the heart.[/ictt-tweet-inline] You do not get that from any other source. You get that from God. [ictt-tweet-inline]You can search for peace from liquor, good friends, music, substances and so on. The truth of the matter is that peace of mind does not have it’s source on the earth. It is a Divine flow, a Divine blessing.[/ictt-tweet-inline] And what a powerful motivator it is, this peace of mind. It helps a visionary to advance in boldness and fulfill their God-given purpose. If anything, the true measure of peace of mind is the knowledge that you are doing what you were originally meant to do. Of all the connections you can have in life, the connection with God is the most potent to give you peace of mind. Seek it and find it.

3. Guidance

Each waking day, Divine connections guide your day, if you are keen enough. I know at times we feel so much in control that we “got this”. However, your connection with God offers so much guidance on how you ought to conduct your business of the day. First off, the concept of God always is attached to righteousness, morality and justice. If you have no concept of God or if you have no connection to God, these things seem like a burden and unnecessary hindrances to your so called “progress”. The first guidance you get from God are the standards laid out that you are to operate with. These standards guide things such as work, diligence, our relationships, governance and deployment of our gifts. At times though, you get guidance from God in not so obvious ways. At times you get guidance through dreams, through “revelation” and through that still small voice in your spirit. It is all God, believe me. Every child needs this.

4. Help on Resilience

“You do not know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have”. Bob Marley said those words. However, at timeseven just being strong in itself is a very tall order. People have persevered through immense pressure and setbacks solely because they relied on God. In other words, connections with God offer so much hope in life. Without God, there is no hope for the soul, no reason for pressing on. God invigorates people who will dare to seek out help from him in their quests. One of the most resilient people in the whole wide world are those who have a connection with God. You might not help your child with everything on resilience. At times they will need to face it alone…alone with their God.

5. Help on the meaning of Life

Well let me say it again. If you are on the quest to find the meaning for your life, there is no way you will come to the succinct interpretation of that meaning without connecting it to the Divine. Only the Originator of your child’s life knows why they were created, why they are here. We have seen people trying to find meaning in this life from several quarters but fail. It is only when they finally, finally acknowledge a connection with God that their lives start to make some kind of meaning. Your child ought to be taught early to have this kind of connection in order for them to understand the meaning of their lives.

Friends, like I have said it before, of all the connections you can have in life, one of the most potent, most powerful of them all, it is the connection with God. You can take that to the bank.