12 Reasons why Every Parent Must Be a Life Coach

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May 18, 2017
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12 Reasons why Every Parent Must Be a Life Coach

You know, I am a stickler for systems to the core! However, as I have written elsewhere if you have systems without insight, you have a problem. You will get delusional results. Parenting is one of those subjects that are close to my heart. After Life Coaching many adults in the past 7 years, I have come to alter my sessions so that every adult who is a Parent must become a Life Coach for their children. Why? Because nearly all of them normally give me this feedback:

“I wish someone would have taught me these things earlier”

That feedback made me to think long and wide about the importance of what I call “Permission For Greatness” coaching. This is where parents provide the much needed “alternative education” to their kids within the walls of their house.

If you look at your life for example, you will see what I am talking about when I talk about delusions. If we as parents will continue to believe that all we have to do is to work and pay school fees so that our children can go to school, we are thoroughly mistaken. [ictt-tweet-inline]The world has changed so much from the first time formal education was introduced. [/ictt-tweet-inline]Albert Einstein famously said,

“We cannot solve our problems today with the same level of thinking that created them”

IN other words, change has happened in the world over and over again. This means that we cannot continue using the same system that was used a century ago. We all know this fact. That is why there have been very many advocacy groups around the world clamoring for us to change the curriculum of our school systems.

Change the Curriculum Solve the Problem?

If you think that would help, you are thoroughly mistaken. What change are you enacting if all that you are changing is the content of academic subjects and the mode of delivery? We all know that that is not enough. We all know that [ictt-tweet-inline]academic prowess alone is not what the world needs[/ictt-tweet-inline]. There are other crucial elements of success that are left out.


That is where you as a parent comes in.

  • Woe to you if you think that some teacher somewhere is going to instill these elements into your child.
  • Woe to you if you think that the stories of your failure as you gave success a shot are useless to the ears of your child.
  • Woe to you if you think that your daily routine is not noticed by your child. Woe to you if you think that school is the only place where the children are learning.
  • Woe to you if you think you can automate it all, provide laptops and gadgets in each bedroom of your children and keep them distracted.

    A Life Coach is someone who is passionately interested in the potential of an individual and works with them in order to maximize that potential.

    Lawrence Namale

Who is a Life Coach?

You have to be a Life Coach. What in the world does that mean? It is simple. Just look at those two words separately. You know what life is. Don’t you? You know who a coach is. Don’t you? A Life Coach is someone who is passionately interested in the potential of an individual and works with them in order to maximize that potential.

So the question is: Who are the people with the greatest latent potential in the world?

Our children of course. So does it make sense when we leave them to grope through life, not knowing what path to take? No it doesn’t.

Now, I am not saying that you as parent should impose something on the child. I am also not saying that you should be technical and should know what their purpose in life is. You could, but if you don’t, that is not a problem.

A System Will Fix It

[ictt-tweet-inline]In order to maximize potential of anything, we just need to apply a particular system to it.[/ictt-tweet-inline] That is what you need to create as a parent. If you do not have such a system, I am here to help. First of all, that system can be applied at anything and with anyone and it will still work. This means that the child might have different desires for career choice. Does it mean that you stop all traffic and get another system? That could be tiring right? So we just need one single system that the athlete, the artist, the artiste, the engineer, lawyer or doctor child can use, whoever they are. That system is installed by you as a Life Coach.

The following are the reasons why you need to be a Life Coach to your Children.

  1. It helps provide clarity of purpose in life
  2. It helps strengthen their self-image and self-esteem
  3. It helps the children master several “transitions” that they will go through
  4. It helps the child to learn taking full responsibility of their choices in life
  5. It helps the child to think of the ultimate purpose of existence
  6. It helps thee child to think of myriads forms of income, not just a job
  7. It helps guide the child using relevant personal experiences and examples
  8. It allows the parent to “Bless” the child appropriately, giving them the Permission to be great
  9. It allows the parent to instill a “success system” that the child can use in any niche they decide to take
  10. It helps to give the child much needed insight into life thereby bulking up his reasons for pursuing success.
  11. It helps to early configure the child to a way of life that has been implemented by successful people and high achievers
  12. It totally eliminates the very common regret of today that every Life Coach hears daily, “I wish someone told me these things earlier”

I can tell you this. A true parent has more heart energy for the success of their child than any good teacher out there. Even if you found a teacher of high heart energy, for the most part, this teacher is normally swamped with lots of work and caters for many kids. They might not have the same ample time that you as a parent would have.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today. If you need help, we are here to offer it in abundance.