6 Reasons Why Covidex Is Smack In the Middle of Purpose Deployment

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June 8, 2021
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6 Reasons Why Covidex Is Smack In the Middle of Purpose Deployment

F our Million is a number. Not just a careless number, but a statistic. It is the conservative figure of the people that have lost their lives directly from the Corona Virus. The whole wide world knows the effects of Covid-19 in terms of social-economic adversity.

Closer Home

Did you see how hapless we have always seemed to be as the disease raged on? Did you see how confusing the medics were in issuing guideline after guideline? At first, we took this thing lightly until soon enough, the statistics were no longer numbers being tracked by WHO.

People we remotely knew started dying. Then our close relatives were infected. Those in our phonebooks too were affected. My next door neighbor was affected and at the risk of contracting the virus, I had to rush him to hospital for lung treatment. My wife lost her dear Uncle who was like her father. A few days later, she lost an aunt.

Comes the moment, comes the man

In the middle of a deadly second wave that hit Uganda and sent us to another period of total lockdown, some glimmer of hope came up. Doctor Patrick Ogwang serendipitously discovered Covidex. This is where purpose comes in. Let me teach you a little bit about how this discovery is fully a purpose oriented discovery.

1. Purpose is Always About Others

Your purpose in life is always going to be outward looking. It is not about you and what you can amass for yourself in the few decades that we have to live. It is about what difference you can make. When penicillin was invented, that was a purpose invention. The same applies to things like tarmac, flight, internet and so on.

Purpose is what transforms the world or what stops the problems that are bedeviling mankind.

Lawrence Namale

Purpose is what transforms the world or what stops the problems that are bedeviling mankind. There are several reports from people that I know that have taken the Covidex treatment and have been cured. When you look at the Doctor behind this invention, you see humility and a total commitment to the betterment of other people’s lives. It is inspiring to say the least.

2. Your Purpose is Always Around You

There is a day that Mark Zuckerberg said that “Ideas do not come fully formed.” He was right on the money on that one. The same thing is true with purpose. Your purpose doesn’t come announcing itself like Moses being called with a burning bush experience.

We live in a world that wants certainty. We want to take a job that guarantees income at the end of 30 days. That’s why we mostly go to school. You can argue against this point all you want but it is true for a great percentage of people worldwide. But all along, there are glaring hints of purpose all around us that are easy to ignore. That interest. That passion. That gift or talent. That pain. That curiosity.

Hints of Purpose

For Doctor Patrick Ogwang, his mother used to cure their common diseases with herbs. That is a hint. It was in his environment. The few times that he went to clinic were for purposes of vaccination or when he was anemic. Otherwise, the herbs worked for them all the time.

Later on in school, he naturally was interested in studying pharmacy, specifically in a discipline called Pharmacognosy. Would you believe it? He was just among the very few who were interested in that subject. Chances are that if there was no interaction with herbs as a young child, he would have taken the subject for granted.

3. Purpose Needs Refining Raw Information

Dr Patrick Ogwang says something worth noting: In school while studying Pharmacognosy, they mainly used European plants in classes. This meant that the information he received could not be practiced. It was theory. At times, purpose comes from you sticking out your head and wanting to get further information about a subject of passion.

The necessary data that you have right now could only be the rungs through which you climb to your purpose. Unfortunately for many people, we take the information that we have today and treat it as if it is all that is there to know and experience. Purpose is in the refinery of your passion and information that you have especially to solve problems.

The necessary data that you have right now could only be the rungs through which you climb to your purpose.

Lawrence Namale

Dr. Ogwang asked around and found a natural therapeutics research institute while he was doing his Masters. This did help him further his passion and interest in plants. Purpose will try to hide itself and will require you to find a solution every time you hit a snag. After that breakthrough, he has been studying Ugandan plants for over 17 years before ever he could invent Covidex.

4. Purpose Discovery is an Incremental Journey

You will be interested to notice that the doctor never set out to discover Covidex. More about that later. At some point in his life, he noticed that there was a problem of sickle cell anemia in the family. The boy used to suffer so much and this pricked the doctor’s heart.

Armed with the information he had about plants and with the pain at hand, he sought to find a solution. He ended up creating medicine that has helped the young man in the family to stay healthy and manage the situation for 30 years now. The formula that was made for sickle cell cases was called GENA SM, named after his mother, Gena.

It is in the process that he discovered the different components of the plants that he worked with. He soon discovered that the plants had components that killed malaria parasites, and viruses. In fact, the good doctor is internationally renowned for his breakthrough in Malaria treatment using those plants.

5. Purpose Convergence is Always Through Serendipity

One day, Dr. Ogwang asked his American doctor friend to come over to Uganda and help him with research. In the process, that doctor contracted the Corona virus and he was badly off. He was hooked on Oxygen. Dr. Ogwan fell responsible and sad about this situation and started asking for answers. Then he prayed.

At that time, it occurred to him that Covid-19 was a virus and that the chemical compound he had created had the capacity to fight viruses. He asked his doctor friend to head over to South West Uganda and they administered his compound in addition to the other medicines at hospital.

First Patient Healed

In three days, the American doctor was discharged. This intrigued Dr. Ogwang so much. He discovered that the corona virus could be handled at the nose and the throat and considerably weakened by this formula before it can make its way to the gut. Another doctor with Covid-19 got wind of what was happening and asked for the dosage. It worked. That was in December 2020.

However, the virus seemed to have disappeared from Uganda and so Dr. Ogwang forgot about the formula. It was in March that one of the people he had been supplying his drugs called desperately in need of something for Covid-19. That’s when he remembered the project he had started and rebooted it. He issued instructions remotely to people working in his lab and they created the drug that was hastened to a patient who was hooked on Oxygen. In two days, that patient was off the Oxygen. Viola! Covidex was born!

Your purpose will converge on your through serendipity, chance, an opportune time. However, serendipity never happens for those who are not doing anything about anything. You have to be in motion with the hints of purpose that you have.

6. Purpose is Delayed

You can easily the hand of purpose when mama Gena was using the herbs to treat her children. This was decades before Corona virus hit the world. You can see the passion in Dr. Ogwang seeking to study Pharmacy. This was decades before the world would need his services.

Purpose is interesting in that it delays. At times, what you were born to do could be something that you are aware of right now, but the world has no clue about it and the circumstances for its relevance are not ripe yet. Purpose has been aborted by very many people on this score alone. But that is one of its major characteristics. It needs convergence of different things in life to become relevant. Patience is needed. I think that as long as you have passion for it, you ought to stay with it until such a time that it will be revealed.

Soon enough, the President of Uganda got wind of Covidex. He called Dr Ogwang and peppered him with questions before asking him what he needed done.

As fate would have it, the doctor himself contracted the virus. All this while, the President was always in touch. He wanted to know how the doctor would handle the situation. Doctor Owang declared that he would use Covidex majorly. A test of his own medicine worked, much to the joy of the President of the country. The rest, history will be written about.

Here is the interview from which I got to know about the doctor and his wonder drug.

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