The One Thing That Will Unlock Your Fullness and Personal Power

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August 12, 2019
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August 15, 2019

The One Thing That Will Unlock Your Fullness and Personal Power

There is no doubt in my heart that there are obviously special things about the human species.  When you talk about authority, we are the ones with it higher than other species. When you talk about control, we are the ones with it. When you talk about management and productivity, we are the ones charged with it.

The fullness of the Individual

However, when it comes to the deployment of our fullness, the magnificence of our glory, especially as individuals, there is a lot to be desired. I believe that the deployment of the fullness of our powers is something that has to be deliberate. We must know that we have the fullness of power to deploy.

We must also know that it is inherent in us. We must realize also that this will not happen if we do not go all out to make it happen.

Integrity and Your Fullness

Over the past several articles, I have been discussing the pillars that help you to live your life to the fullness of your glory. I hope that was instructive enough.

However, I believe that one of the things about the fullness of your power and your glory has to do with your inner game of integrity. If anything, that is the part that is the nucleus of everything else. In other words, it matters less what you do on the outside, if the inside is not sorted, we have a problem.

Unlocking Your Fullness

The only thing that will cause you to unlock and keep the fullness of your power is to make sure that the nucleus is protected. It has to remain intact. Your inner core will go through massive tests, but it must never be compromised. I know when I speak like this, some questions will be raised.

How About Staying Relevant?

Someone will point at Nokia and tell me that Nokia decided to remain steadfast with their “Core” and ended up losing business totally. Well, there is a quote that we can use here:

“In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current. ” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Staying relevant does not mean you compromise your principles. Nokia was in the business of connecting people. When the matters of taste changed, they needed to swim with the current but still connect people! It’s that simple.

Where the Rubber Meets The Road

When it comes down to individual life, the fullness of your power can easily be messed up when you allow your inner core to be compromised. A perfect example of someone who operated in the fullness of their power was Jesus Christ. What happened to him at the beginning of his ministry?

About Temptations

It is recorded that he was tempted. All these temptations were geared towards shifting his inner core. Let me ask you a question. What do you think would have happened if Jesus Christ gave in to one of those temptations? What do you think would have happened to his inner power and the fullness of his glory?

It Could Be Anyone

You see, it is easy for us to swat away that story and debate about religion and all. But when push comes to shove, we all face temptations that are geared towards destabilising our inner core. In fact, daily, we face this challenge. For Jesus, could have fallen and compromised his inner core?  I believe he would have but he chose not to.

The moment you choose to buttress your inner core that is the very moment that you have chosen to up the fullness of your glory and power. You won’t see someone who has compromised their inner core walking around feeling powerful and confident.

The Inner Game is where it is

If anything, our power is not something that comes from outside, something that is as a result of what we have accumulated in life. Our power is always as a result of how pure we have kept and protected our core. Therefore, if you wanted to unlock the fullness of your power, there is just this one thing you can do: Overcome temptations. That’s it. Keep your inner resolve, integrity and purity untainted.

The greatest thing to do

Let me say this: one of the greatest fights of our life is to make sure that our inner core is untainted. Time and time again, this battle rages. It is perhaps the greatest battle this world ever saw: the battle of overcoming temptations. Temptations are not just a function of a religious experience.

Temptations are unique and available to any soul alive. You do not need to be a religious freak to be tempted. You just need to be a human being. Any time you are tempted and overcome that unique temptation, you have increased your invincibility so to speak. You have increased your power. You have unlocked something.

What If You Fall?

The second greatest battle is to refurbish yourself at the inner core. You and I cannot continue living as if nothing has happened when we fall through a temptation. If we are to still unleash the fullness of our power, it is imperative that we get our act together again. It is important that we stop all the traffic, find out where we went wrong, fix it and then start right over again. That’s how we are guaranteed to shine the fullness of our power.