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Bring Books To Life

Everyone has a story. Everyone needs their story told. Everyone is an author. Not everyone is a writer. That is where Life Signatures consulting in building your story into a book comes in. Several people who do  not have either the time or the skill to develop a book find peace of mind interacting with us in helping them solve a deep seated desire to have their books done.

Life & Executive Coaching

People interacting with us end up optimizing their potential through Life By Design Coaching. You will find that our key emphasis in our relationship with you in coaching is to help you achieve your potential through the process that is more focused and supportive than a typical training process.

Team Formation

"How do you get to assemble such a team?" A top client wondered. Through an incessant focus of purpose and life by design training, people awaken their potential and deploy it with reckless abandonment. In turn their approach in life is that of intentionality, urgency and focus thus providing exemplary performance on personal and professional endeavors. This is what creates great teams.


Books Developed


Satisfied Clients


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"I wish someone would have taught me these things earlier"

Optimizing every area of your potential

From Coaching, Training, Key Note Speaking, Bringing books to life and helping discover purpose...


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