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My Letter To You The Reader


My Name is Lawrence Namale,

I am a Life Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker.

What that means is that I am loaded with a message (not messages), but a message of hope, direction and purpose for individual lives across the globe. The message is simple: I believe that every last one of us is valuable, was meant to be valuable in their lifespan here on earth. Every last one!

My mission is to awaken us to the boundless possibilities available in life, especially to the multiplied millions who are shrinking back from making a difference, because they feel unworthy to contribute. My mandate is to help bring to reality every single person who knows deep down in their gut that they are better than what they are experiencing, and are actually telling themselves “hey, look, there has got to be more to life than this!”.

Using my gifts as a wordsmith and a passionate, eloquent motivating speaker, I inspire individuals, school leavers, job seekers, those who are stuck and those with jobs to exploit their goldmines and shine their light for their worlds, and possibly the world itself to see.

What that really means to you is that I guide you to live a fully deployed life, focusing on what matters to you so that your life becomes a unique signature left behind while at the same time making a real contribution in the earth that you will be proud of. I do this by:

  1. Helping the Stuck to get Unstuck.
  2. Helping you get your direction in life
  3. Inspiring you to deploy your very best
  4. Extrapolating the options you have within you
  5. Giving you systems, tools and strategies to design your legacy.

My Vision:

“To inspire hope and enrich lives worldwide so that the weary and downcast can reach within and unearth, develop and deploy their full potential”.

My Mission:

“To treasure the SIGNIFICANCE of every single person, unleashing Each Individual’s UNIQUE PURPOSE by providing trainings, Coaching, writings, Motivational talks, giving of self and inspiration to guide people in living LEGACIES.”

My Personal Brand:

“Buiding People, Brands and Legacies”

Why ‘Life Signatures?”

Ever seen graffiti on walls, and furniture, “So and so was here?”. I used to see lots of that in High School. One day while leading a team meeting in Uganda, I was waxing eloquent about the importance of being alive in any responsibility given. I was pitching to my team the idea of being fully deployed that you do not need to campaign to be noticed, but that your work would speak for itself. I even went ahead to let them know that someone needs to create a website to explore that idea.

Then as the message of life purpose started germinating in my soul, I realized that that person who can create the website was me! I started out with the URL: lawrencewashere (for Lawrence was here). Later on, I got this fancy name ‘Signatures’. I realized that a life can be lived so well that it speaks for itself not only while the person is still alive, but also when they are gone. I realized that it is possible for all of us, every last one of us to live that kind of life. Then I realized that many people desire it, but never attain it. I set out to learn all there was about this kind of life, and indeed am still learning lots. This kind of life is a life of a legacy. That is how Life Signatures came to be.

I provide resources and content on the topics of Life Purpose, Personal Development, Spirituality and Performance, all geared toward helping people design their legacies.

Brief Bio:

Sometime in 2005, a friend of mine asked me this question: “What is going on in your life?” I squirmed from side to side and blurted out, “My girlfriend is going to Germany for 3 months!” That was me. Purposeless, directionless, and broke. But highly talented, gifted, eloquent, loving to read and pray a lot. In fact, I consider myself a total Prayer General then, but still I could not answer that simple question. The truth is that I had been a ravenous seeker and pursuer of what I used to call “My Destiny”. One of the greatest prayer I ever made, again and again, at different seasons of my life, in different places, was this: “Lord, If I could only know what my destiny is, I would focus on it totally, putting my hand on the plough and never looking back, so that one day you will tell me, “Well done good and faithful servant”.

I never have been so passionate about a thing like I was about my purpose in life. The hunger was there, and so was the spark of my purpose also. On and off that spark would flicker, being set off by one event or another. For example, when out of the blue, I would feel terrified about the prospects of my future; or when certain ministers of the gospel came home for a prayer session and gave my dad and elder brother “a word of the Lord for their lives”, and not me; or when I dropped out of my MIS course back to the village due to lack of school fees; or when I was rendered jobless several times. One day, this seeker became contented when I wrote the following words in my diary: “Unto you is given today, live it to the full, and let tomorrows sorrows rest”. Needless to say, that was not a definitive purpose, but that is where I stopped the seeking.

The catalyst came when I faced a breakup of a relationship that I was building towards marriage. I have never been so shaken, never cried that much. The breakup was in the making for quite a while and had driven me to specifically start asking the questions about my existence. The answer came in the form of a Scripture and from that scripture do I draw the statement of my life:

Isaiah 50:4 “The Master, GOD, has given me a well-taught tongue, So I know how to encourage tired people. He wakes me up in the morning, Wakes me up, opens my ears to listen as one ready to take orders”.


Ever since, I have dedicated my life to inspire people through my books and this blog to be who they were created to be. Nothing give me satisfaction than to see a soul deployed, fully energized to use their talents, gifts, experiences, heart, and opportunities that come their way for the betterment of society.

I have worked as an IT Consultant, Data Analyst, Account Manager and Account Director, overseeing different teams at different times in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. I have had a platform on 104.1 Power FM in Uganda every 5:00 O’clock for more than a year, inspiring people through the program “Hour of Prayer”. I have been interviewed at several radio stations and TV stations in Uganda more specifically on the subject of Personal Branding.

I am married to an amazing and talented woman, Beth Mugisha and we are blessed to be stewarding two adoring and amazing kids, Ethan and Serah.

I would Love you to come on board, and let’s help one another to S.H.I.N.E

If you feel like this message resonates with you or the people around you that you seek to help, please sign up on our home-page to receive periodic Life Signatures on mail. Your address will be treated confidentially.

Helping you Shine your Light,

Lawrence Namale Akali