This is How Much You Are Worth an Hour

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February 8, 2018
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This is How Much You Are Worth an Hour


ou have probably heard this saying: “Everyone has their price”. It normally is a situation where a person wants to buy someone else’s loyalty, trust, confidence, silence or favor. The person that is being “bought” is normally in such situations, the one in control. For the most part, they are using a different yardstick to measure their worth, and it’s often not monetary.

Why Tag Yourself a Value?

Today, I want us to discuss this topic and go purely monetary. I have discovered that people go through life so lazily and for the most part, it is because they have no clue what they are worth.

  • There is no urgency in their action. 
  • There is no excellence in their work
  • There is no consistency in their endeavors
  • There is no conviction in their beliefs
  • There is no direction in their lives
  • And definitely, there is no worth at the end of the day, in their lives.

Basic Worth

So what I am saying is that one of the ways of reversing the above is to have a “value”, monetary figure attached to each hour of your existence. If you knew for example that you are worth fifty dollars an hour, would you spend that one hour on something that is not productive? Would you allow people to come late for your meetings? Would you crowd your life with millions of meetings that are valueless? Would you spend time whining about life? I guess not.

Worth is created through a process of time. It is created when you select what area you would specialize in to solve problems as far as they are found. The more rare you become, the higher your worth is increased.  However, I believe it is important for us to determine our worth from the angle of our dreams and desires that we would love to achieve in life.

This is what I call the “basic worth.” Working with this basic worth in mind determines how urgent and productive we can be day in and out.

Steps in Calculating Your Worth Per Hour

Step 1: Dream

Simple. Your desire and mine out of this life are not the same. We both want different things. So the first step is to determine what you want. I think[ictt-tweet-inline] the most difficult question that trouble people to answer of life is: “What do you want?” The reality is that few people have taken time to consider the answer or answers to that question, and that is why they do not know what they are worth an hour.[/ictt-tweet-inline] So start by writing down all your tangible and materialistic desires. Make sure not to do this while limiting yourself with the amount of money and resources you have or not.

Step 2: Quantify The Dreams

Yes, determine how much it would take for you to attain the dreams. We normally make is simple by categorizing the dreams into three things:

  • What you want to do: Get married; Go to school; Travel the world; build a business empire; Give back to the community; take kids to the best schools; and so on
  • What you want to have: A house; Houses; A Car or cars; Clothes; a connected family; Equipment; Property and land; gadgets and accessories and so on.
  • What you want to be: A great Father; A Great Husband; An awesome Orator; A wealthy philanthropist and so on.

Take your time to think this through. Enlist as many things as you desire to have do and be. But then sit down and attach a monetary value to each of these things. It would be great if you had as simple spreadsheet to do this. You will be amazed how many people have never done this, yet it is as simple as that.

At the end of the day, get a total figure for this.

Step 3: Determine Your Run Rate and Basic Life Worth

This is the amount of money that is needed to keep you in the present level of living. Food, clothing and shelter as well as entertainment costs should be included here. The best way to do this is to document your expenses each day to the dregs of details. Once done, get a monthly total. Determine if there is any duplication in values in step 2 and 3 and merge them. Add the total you get to step 3 to the total you have in step 2. This becomes your Basic Life Worth.

Step 4: Determine Your “Productive Years”

Although I have discouraged people from the term “retirement”, the reality of the matter is that there will come a time that you will not be as active physically as you are today. Officially, the retirement age varies from 55 to 65 depending on country and sector of employment. For the sake of urgency, let us use the age of 55.

In order to determine your productive years, subtract your current age from the age of retirement (55). The figure you get is your Productive Years. Now, you are supposed to make the Basic Life Worth amount during the “Productive Years” of your life. Can you now see the urgency?

Step 5: Determine Your Worth Per Hour

This is now simple for the mathematicians:

  • Divide the Basic Life Worth by your Productive Years. You will get your worth per year
  • Divide your Worth Per Year by 12. You will get your worth per month
  • Divide your Worth Per Month by 30. You will get your worth per day
  • Divide your Worth Per Day by 24. You will get your Worth Per Hour

Now Let’s Work

Armed with this figure,

  • It is time to show up in life with a sense of urgency
  • It is time to start being creative and increase our value
  • It is time to start crafting multiple streams of income
  • It is time to extrapolate all our potential and see that it is deployed and monetized.
  • It is time to maximize all our time and make sure that we are not distracted.

Over to you now.