Leveraging On The Law of Unseen Increase

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June 1, 2020
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June 5, 2020

Leveraging On The Law of Unseen Increase

I am sure

if you go through Google, you might not come across that Law. I just coined it today but it is from different experiences I have had in my life. Every time I exert myself physically, mentally, spiritually, or any pursuit of life, the Law of Unseen Increase operates.

Working with Plain Sight

The problem with humanity is that we are structured to be motivated by what is seen, felt, heard, or what is experienced by our five senses. If something does not go through those senses, then we do not necessarily perceive it to be important enough to motivate us.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the Law of the Unseen Increase is always at play every time any action is done. That action could be the beginning of something or the continuation of something. It could be an action in returning to take action on something after giving up initially or whatever.

Unseen Ounces That Count

Every action generates an ounce of increase that is undetected, unfelt, and unseen with our natural senses, but that does not mean that the increase was not there. It was. It always will be!

The Law of Unseen Increase states that against the pain, discomfort, and seeming negative effects that action generates, there is a positive increase in the unseen realm. That’s a problem because we almost always focus on the pain, the discomfort, and the felt disappointment of not seeing an increase. So we quit!

The Law of Unseen Increase states that against the pain, discomfort, and seeming negative effects that action generates, there is a positive increase in the unseen realm. Click To Tweet

This law is different from the Law of Unintended Consequences which is normally attributed to the economic aftershocks of a government’s decision. That decision would not have anticipated the aftershocks, but they do occur.

You Can Bank on It

However, the Law of Unseen Increase will always guarantee a positive result. The problem is that we do not see that result, but we feel the negative side effects of our efforts.

  • A novice starts working on a book. They trudge along, “boiling their heads” for hours on end. Nothing comes out of that exercise. They get frustrated and stop the whole thing altogether. Unbeknown to them, there was an improvement in the brain on that exercise. They just need t build on it.
  • You start working out. Since the last time you did, that was months back, your knees hurt, your ankles can’t hold you as you run. You feel literally like you are aging. You get embarrassed an at that moment if you are not careful, you can give up and assume the notion that you are now old.

Pay Attention to The Unseen Progress

Those are just two simple and common examples. But I can tell you that no matter what effort in whatever dimension or direction you start putting up towards anything, there will always be unseen benefits. There is no way you will start something and regress.

Yes, we shall feel like we are regressing when we try again and fail, but I have come to realize that progress is not just what we saw in the physical. The unseen progress is what we need to pay great attention to if we shall be motivated to keep ongoing.

Seeing the Unseen

But how in the world will we know that there is progress unseen? How can we quantify it? Well, we might not know and even feel and see at the moment that there is progress…but that does not negate the fact that it is there. It is only later on that we shall see the accrued benefits of those tiny unseen increases. So time is a crucial factor.

“The cost of good habits is in the present. The cost of your bad habits is in the future”—James Clear

Understanding Unseen Progress

But before time, there is trust and faith in the fact that the unseen growth is there. Let us break it down this way.

1. Realize that the growth is in micro-units

This is precisely what the Law is about. The growth or increase is unseen because it is micro. The naked eye cannot see it, but that does not mean that it is not there. It is there. The moment you feel frustrated about the inspired actions that you decided to take, I want you to remember that you just gained a micro increase today.

When they said that pain is just weakness leaving the body, they must have been onto something. We know it to be true with the Law of Unseen Increase. So stop focusing on the pain that you are feeling. Stop focusing on the frustration and discomfort. Be comforted with the fact that there is a micro increase somewhere.

2. Realize that the Law operates on momentum:

Micro units are so tiny that they can even be close to being negligible. That’s why you need to keep on creating those micro-units. When you keep lumping one on another the micro-units grow to such a level that their colossal effect creates a momentum.

Once that momentum is built upon, you end up realizing unprecedented growth. But I can tell you this, that the growth you are experiencing is made up of those tiny micro-units of unseen increase. Charles J. Givens said it best:

“Success requires first expending ten units of effort to produce one unit of results. Your momentum will then produce ten units of results with each unit of effort”

3. The Law Takes Time To Fully Kick In

They will tell you that Law is Law. Well, this one is unique because of the ability to break it and seemingly do not suffer the consequences immediately. This law works best with the consistency of action over a long period of time. In other words, if you look back and you have been doing something for months, days, or years and there is nothing to show for it, chances are that the Law has not reached its tipping point yet.

Top Up

Keep at it. When it does kick in, the first action will just be as important as the last action that you took. This goes out to all who are feeling discouraged today. You have some increase in the store that is waiting for you to add some more units. Top up!

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