5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Exponential Growth of Purpose

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March 26, 2018
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April 3, 2018

5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Exponential Growth of Purpose

In the previous post, we have seen that if you will keep working it out, your purpose has the great potential of exponential growth. Exponential growth means that:

  • Your impact will be far reaching than you imagined
  • Your value will be appreciated more than you thought
  • The demand for your time and services will increase to levels unprecedented
  • The Government will take a note of your transactions
  • You will be needed in more than one place at a go.
  • Your work will need conversion and translation into various cultures world-wide.


Father of Purpose

It therefore means that we must get ready for this unprecedented growth. Purpose starts with an individual at all times, but it ends up in the hearts and minds of very many other like minded people. These people end up helping you impact the world unlike you ever imagined before. In essence, that is what God did at creation. That is what every person with an idea does. They start with nothing and build something of major impact. This necessarily means that they must get help from like minded people. I heard a motivational speaker say that whenever you create a service or a product, you become a parent for you have brought a “child” into the world.

Growing Up

Parenthood perhaps is one of the dreaded thing for the “unprepared”. Ranked high up there amongst the most scary statements you will ever hear is “I am pregnant!” This is especially if the one being told had not planned for this eventuality, let’s call it “responsibility” And that is what growth does to us. It ushers us into unprecedented responsibility and for the most part we operate to work with that which is unknown. We grow up in purpose in ways we had never imagined.

[ictt-tweet-inline] Growth unmanaged is the greatest disaster in pursuit of purpose. [/ictt-tweet-inline] Disaster because the exponential growth stems out of your faithfulness and consistency in purpose pursuit. In other words, chances are that this exponential growth you are experiencing is nearly effortless. How many people would love this kind of growth. It is the fruit of your years of labor and consistency…and now, you do not have the capacity to handle it.

Getting Ready

It is therefore imperative that as we are busy pursuing our purpose, we need to get our heads in the clouds for a minute and see how grand it could be. We need then to come back to earth and prepare ourselves to be able to handle the wealth that this exponential growth in purpose will bring. In other words, when the growth does happen, it needs to morph seamlessly into the structures that we have already created to handle it. So how do you get prepared for this?

1. Legalize Your Operations

You know, the greatest oversight you might have is not to go legal with your operations. Most purpose related “gigs” come from our natural gifts, talents and skill. In fact for the most part, purpose ‘gigs’ are not necessarily like the “traditional” businesses out there. People might think that there is no need to legalize their operations. This would be extremely wrong. Chances are that when your gift is needed, it might be needed on a grand scale. No one wants to operate on a grand scale with an entity that is not legally registered and adhering to the rules of the government of the day. Whatever you do, get ready by formalizing your operations. It sounds straight forward and simple, yet it is so profoundly important. The discomfort that you will go through in doing this is nothing compared to that which will come when you are caught up unprepared and uncompliant.

2.Build Systems

I have worked in the corporate world for quite a while. What I have seen is that systems are the backbone of all operations of the organization. Good and robust, responsive systems will enable the organization to grow. I have seen people forming “systems” as they go. This is wrong. What that does is that it inconveniences the people that are working for you, as well as expose you to your clients of how “unprepared” you are. In building systems, two major things must be considered. First and foremost, you must consider the client. What is the wowing experience that you want the client to experience when interacting with your organization? Build a system that will strongly bring this to the fore. Second, how does this system influence the team you are working with. Does it stifle their growth? Does it make it cumbersome for them to work? If it does, they will definitely compromise the experience you want the client to have. Build systems not just for the sake of it, but having those two people in mind.

3.Form A Team

Purpose pursuit is best accelerated with a team. At the beginning, you might have to do nearly everything as the father of the vision. However, as time grows and as the exponential growth is just about to set in, you need to retreat to handling the core things related to your purpose. If you are a Coach for example, content generation, curriculum development, research and bench-marking will always be your forte. You will need a team to do other things such as marketing, sales, graphic design, securing contracts and so on. A team is so critical in handling exponential growth and that is why you need to start being on the look out for men and women of like passions, people who feel “called” to do or support what you are doing.

3. Create A Brand Identity

People think that Brand Identity is what large corporations like Apple and Microsoft pursue. They think that once they “get there”, then they will build that Brand Identity. Nothing can be further from the truth. In preparing yourself for exponential potential, your brand ought to be one of the things that is forever settled from the get go. In fact, once one person identifies you with the work that you do, you expect that same person to always think of you whenever that kind of work comes up for them. People pursuing purpose gigs should find this instrumental at the beginning of their pursuit. When exponential growth comes, it will not be because of a million things that you are doing, it will be because of the one thing that the world identifies you with. Create it now.

4. Clarify Your Products and Services

Lots of time need to go in preparing a product/service suite. This of course means that we need to prepare some kind of “avatar” of who our primary client is. We need to find out what class they are in society. We  need to find out their major aspirations. We  need to find out their biggest problems. Then we need to see how our products and services are helping them solve those problems. What is needed though is a clearly thought out process of delivering these goods and services in order to give the customer legendary and exemplary service.

5. Cater for The World wide presence

Exponential growth will likely take your purpose on a journey into the world itself. Since we live in the global village though, it is important to make sure that you have a way where the world comes to you. You are only one individual and you cannot be in all the places at the same time. This is where technology comes in. How can you leverage technology so that you can cater for the whole wide world, as far as your “customers” might be? The day you receive an email from the remotest part of a continent thanking you for the services rendered in helping someone alleviate their pain, that would be the day that you will know you are handling your exponential growth well. Therefore you ought to create a capacity not only to give service, but also to receive payments. There are so many forms of payments these days. Your website therefore must include as many of those as possible.

5.5 Collaborate

The beauty of staying put with your purpose pursuit is that you get recognized by industry leaders for what you are doing. The mistake people make is to think that you will be recognized at your first break or launch. Nope.[ictt-tweet-inline] Real recognition is given to people who have maintained consistency in their purpose for years upon years.[/ictt-tweet-inline] If people see your dedication, then they identify you with your purpose. That is how collaboration is built. Not by giving business cards or attending networking meetings. That’s my two cents.