4 Principles of Starting and Running a Successful Master Mind

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May 7, 2017
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4 Principles of Starting and Running a Successful Master Mind

The effectiveness of a Master Mind group is a critical matter to consider. [ictt-tweet-inline]If you are to create a Master Mind group, then its effectiveness has to be your top agenda.[/ictt-tweet-inline] Otherwise, there is no point of starting one. There have been people the world over who have started this and that group and they have always failed flat.

Dynamics in Master Mind Groups

The following are signs that the members of you Master Mind group no longer deem it effective:

  1. No longer look forward for meetings
  2. They forget meeting days
  3. Wait to be reminded of meeting days and mandate of the group
  4. They are no longer clear of the objectives
  5. They do not have any assignments to pursue
  6. Lateness
  7. Dull and non-participatory in the Master Mind
  8. Not willing to commit their resources to the Master Mind
  9. Never looking forward to meetings

If you see the above signs, it is time to re-evaluate the mandate, methods, measures and mindset of the Master Mind. Although we are not all perfect, the signs of an ideal Master Mind group are as follows:

  1. Fully engaged and participating in the agenda of the group
  2. Suggestions, recommendations and nuggets are always coming on how to make things better
  3. There might be some conflict in the group because of the passion
  4. Willingness in the group to devote resources to the mandate of the mastermind
  5. A clear, focused vision and goal of the group
  6. Time just flies when people meet and the depth of the discussions are enriching
  7. There is tangible progress
  8. There is massive concern whenever there is no progress
  9. There is massive respect for the leadership of the Master Mind

TD Jake is famously quoted to have said, (And I paraphrase),

“If you are sitting in a round table meeting and it occurs to you that you are the smartest person on that table, it is time to quit the group and seek another. Growth is when you surround yourself with people who are more superior to yourself”

It turns out that creating a Master Mind group is one (if not the only) way of doing what TD Jakes is suggesting. However, creating a Master Mind group that lasts and delivers should be your main objective. It doesn’t pay to create a Master Mind just for the sake of it. Anybody can do that. Before you can create it, you need to be aware why you are creating it and how you propose to sustain it. A friend of mine told me that,

[ictt-tweet-inline]“There is no point of starting something that cannot be sustained”[/ictt-tweet-inline].

1. Clear Mandate

My favorite author Dutch Sheets says,

[ictt-tweet-inline]“The why of doing something can be a great motivational force.”[/ictt-tweet-inline]

Knowing why the Master Mind exists is of critical importance. [ictt-tweet-inline]Enough time should be spent just to clarify the mandate of a Master Mind[/ictt-tweet-inline] before you can invite people to be part of it. If you are to invite people of greater brains and resources to your Master Mind, you ought to have white hot goals and a vision for the mastermind. This will guarantee success.

Every time I am invited to any meeting or group, I am the one who always asks the “why” questions. I am the “why” guy. I want to know why we are meeting first. Once that is clarified, then I am now able to align my thoughts clearly to offer solutions and collaborate with the rest of the bunch. I have seen Master Mind groups started with lots of excitement where the vision has not been fully clarified. I have shunned such, because sooner or later, when the excitement dies down, there is nothing to propel the Master Mind onwards. So spend as much time as you can here.

If you are to invite people of greater brains and resources to your Master Mind, you ought to have white hot goals and a vision for the mastermind. This will guarantee success.  

Lawrence Namale

2. Clear Methods

Methods refer to how you will conduct the Master Mind group. Once the objective above is known, the most important thing that needs to be thought through is the mechanics with which you want to operate the group. Think of something that will maximize the potential of the group in limited time. Think of something that will respect the time and resources contributed by the group. Think of creative and innovative ways to run meetings. Think of ways to communicate the expectations that you have of the members of the Master Mind in terms of their conduct, their input, time-frames, regulations, formats, rewards and so on. All these and more must be communicated to the people you are inviting individually before they can accept to be part of the Master Mind. Make it as professional as possible. [ictt-tweet-inline]Professional people will respond at the level of professionalism[/ictt-tweet-inline] and at the same time they will disdain your un-professionalism.

3. Clear Metrics

[ictt-tweet-inline]Progress is what makes the bunch happy[/ictt-tweet-inline]. Therefore, you need to have thought of the metrics that are clear that you will use to measure and gauge success and progress. The metrics should also include how periodic you will be communicating the success of the main Agenda. The metrics should have a “tracker” of every activity and action. I learnt one phrase while consulting with MTN Ghana, [ictt-tweet-inline]“Inspect what you expect”[/ictt-tweet-inline]. I have never forgotten that. [ictt-tweet-inline]The best way to do the inspection is to have the metrics in place way before you get started.[/ictt-tweet-inline] The members of the group must know about this metrics and how they work before they can be part of the group fully.

4. Clear Mindset

The spirit of the Master Mind is such an important aspect. This will of course be dictated by the goal you want to achieve and by the circle of your influence. It is advisable that you seek out to know the resources that you will need for the vision to be successful. Then, as you are forming this Master Mind, it is important to invite a diverse sample of people into it. It makes no sense if you are inviting people who know what you already do know. It makes no sense to invite people who have a passion less than yours on the project at hand.

It makes no sense to invite “Yes” men, people who will always agree with you. You will learn better from your critics than your friends. It makes no sense to invite people to do not know as much as you do. It also makes no sense to invite those who disrespect and dishonor you to the Master Mind. The mindset of the Mastermind therefore should be that which fosters harmony in working towards a common goal. This is the trickiest part perhaps. However, if you have the other steps sorted, this tends to fall into place. I have known of people who have wanted to be recruited into a Master Mind because of the vision it espouses.

I guess if there was one word to summarize all these, it would be this: Clarity. Get clarity before starting off with a mastermind. As I wish you all the best, my question is: what other pillars do you think are needed to start and run a  Master Mind group successfully?