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top all the traffic. Think. Let's ask and answer this question. What's the purpose of purpose? I mean why in the first place should we emphasize the message of purpose over and over again? It has been a marathon of more than a month each weekday reading something about the subject. Why? What is the purpose of purpose? I will tell you what is in one word: "Others". Purpose is not given to you and me for our own selfish benefit. Purpose is selfless and yet it costs us something. In other words, in order to be effective in deploying our purpose, we ought to identify two important aspects of it:

Two Critical Aspects of purpose

  1. The group of people that will benefit from it: It is critically important to understand that your purpose is not for the whole world to benefit from. Let me explain. Not every gender, race, tribe and class of people will benefit from your purpose. Only a small subset of the entire population will. So the most critical thing to do is to zero down further and know the very specifics of the people that your purpose serves. This helps you to have your message focused and your value amplified. People make a mistake of going after the "whole world" thinking that if they narrow down to a small niche, they will lose business. Nothing can be further from the truth. We have to understand from the word go that the entire world might have the small group of the people that we are called to serve. Our call at this level is to go with laser like focus on this niche group thus making our value excellent and relevant.
  2. The impact or value that we will give to them from our purpose: This is where the things that you do daily in order to solve felt needs and problems come in. They are not just the great milestones available in your mission statement, they are also daily minute tasks that you do, based on your capacity, your passion, your skill and your ability to.

What's Your Difference?

If you are a writer for example, adding value to your purpose as a writer will entail creating a difference from what other writers do. No two writers are the same. So the question would be: What exactly is your difference? And this is where the real work is. In understanding what "Value" is, we know that it is something that solves a problem. It is a solution to a conundrum. It is what people get paid for. If you have followed the steps of purpose discovery, this level should have you start charging for your expertise. For that to happen, you need to position yourself such that you can receive payments. There are many people in business who do not show us what value they are providing and how much we should pay for it. There are still very many who do not tell us why they are providing that purpose in the first place.

That is why it is important for you to know your purpose and your vision. The value you are providing is an emotional reprieve that someone feels when a problem is solved. In other words, you are not necessarily setting up a business in order to make some money. The sole purpose for you setting up a business is so as you can deploy your purpose in order to solve heart-felt problems of people in the world. If your purpose is to sing, then you know that you are not singing so as to make money. You are singing for example so as you can help some people to fall in love again. Or you are singing so as to bring consciousness to the world about our humanity. A good example is the song by Micheal Jackson, "We are the world".

Adding Value To Your purpose

So the question would be: How in the world can I add value to my purpose? I am glad you asked. There is one major way that you can convert your purpose into value. This is by creating products and services that address real and tangible problems. Just about any area of specialization or purpose can be converted into products and services. If for example you are a linguist, the area of need is in terms of teaching, translation and narration. Those are already 3 products that you could create. Now, how you create and package those products is absolutely important. You can easily say, "I translate languages" and have it on a billboard. People will ask, "So what?" You could also say, "I help clear misunderstanding in trade, business and other relationships by providing language services in interpretations, translation and narration." Do you see where your value add is? Your value add is where your solution that comes from your purpose meets a frustration of your audience and solves it.Twitter The charges come in later.

Two Forms Of Income.

In other words, your value is directly connected to you giving relief to people on issues that are bogging them down. The beautiful part of course is that you are not only gifted with it, you are also passionate about it, you want to do it, you get incredible satisfaction with it. If anything, the greatest joy you get is not when the client has paid you, but when you see that your intervention actually did work. You see your value in action and it pleases you. This fulfillment, this satisfaction is what Abraham Maslow alluded to when he talked about his "Hierarchy of needs". He calls the highest form of his pyramid, "Self Actualization". It is a level of meaning. Meaning as you might have noticed comes from you deploying your purpose and it actually works. We call this kind of income "Psychic Income". It is one of the greatest benefits you ever will have for deploying your purpose. So the question here is: When is the last time you had some Psychic income come your way?

We shall continue with these thoughts in the next article.

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