4 Ways to Make Your Light Shine Anyday

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December 31, 2014
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January 8, 2015

4 Ways to Make Your Light Shine Anyday

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you”.

–Isaiah 60:1


This is a rallying call. There are two kinds of people in life: There are those who will shrink (for one reason not of their making or another), and there are those who will decide to shine, regardless of everything that causes people’s lights to dim. (Your light never really goes off, until you die). Selah. Think about that. Notice that the shrinking seems automatic, but the shining is deliberate!

Of course every one born of a woman inherently has that light to shine in his/her world. Every last one. Especially those who for one reason or another have their lights already dimmed. The New Year coming on might not have produced any hope. Things might still be stark, bleak and dim.

I am here to let you know that your light can shine in 2015. Nothing dims our lights like negative circumstances do. But here is the thing: nothing causes people’s lights to shine even more radiant and bright like tough circumstances and situations do.

The greater the darkness, the greater and brighter the light. A host of people whose lights have dimmed over the years could realize that a simple decision to ‘arise’ could change their fortunes. No, not in a flash like light does. In many cases, no. But over time, with commitment and focus, your light might come alive in 2015.

I know many people are in need of the light shining on them, lifting them up from their quagmires, righting their wrongs, infusing vision and purpose, making them useful and big contributors to society. I have come to realize that as you determine that your light must shine, then that light you want to shine on you actually does.



  1. Engage Your Mind:

A fleeting thought can easily dim someone’s light in a matter of minutes. I am here to tell you that this is a war. Joyce Meyer calls it ‘The battle field of the mind’. Very many suggestions will pass through your mind depending on your circumstances. You can easily shrink to oblivion when you lose your job, or a loved one, or your main source of sustenance.

  • The mind ought to be trained to focus on that which is noble, good, true, honorable, beautiful, holy, and of value. It is a war.
  • Many times other thoughts will cross your mind. Thoughts of doubt, fear, discouragement, shame, hiding, worthlessness and so on.
  • Listen, your shining or shrinking will depend on what thoughts you ruminate on.

In other words, you have to be deliberate about what goes on in your mind. I am not advocating for us to be in denial about our circumstances.

Far from it. I am saying that great faith is exercised in our minds that first acknowledges our dim reality, but still maintains that our desired outcome will prevail in the end.

  1. Train Your Mouth:

Someone said that your mouth was given so that you can be able to conquer your mind. I agree. However, the relationship between the mouth and the mind can be complicated. On one hand there is a fight, and on the other hand there is collaboration. The thing is that it doesn’t matter whether the point of collaboration is negative or positive. Whatever the mind and the mouth agree on, the rest of life follows! It is that powerful.

So what have you been saying? Loosely? Deliberately? What have you been saying in reaction to your situation? What have you been saying in response to your circumstances?

  • Use your mouth to speak out against any notion of shrinking back in 2015. Do it like a motor. Speak until you start feeling inspiration coming up, like a preacher in the zone. Speak against the negativity in your mind. Speak to interrupt the thoughts. Set aside some time and place to specifically speak against shrinking. Let it be calculated.
  • Use your mouth to speak out loud proclaiming where you are going. Your desired end. Say who you believe you are. Write down some commands that you can issue to your mind. Look at yourself in the mirror and speak, prophecy about your today and your tomorrow. Do not be silent.

One of the greatest contributors to a dimmed life is a zipped mouth. Your mouth should be one of your greatest arsenals this year.

  1. Accelerate with Action:

Action brings theory to reality. In fact, good calculated action will cause victory in ‘the battlefield of the mind’. Your light cannot shine in waiting. Your light cannot shine in wishing. Neither can it shine in inaction. Your light comes alive and radiant when you promptly and consistently take action that empowers your positive thoughts which you have spoken of by your mouth.

There is so much power with taking action. I kid you not. A man can be lying in his bed worrying about how his life will turn out. His thoughts of worry can cause him to conclude that he had better hide from life. The same man can decide in seconds to go out and jog. An hour later, that man feels so energized and so inspired and so productive…and happy too. You seldom find a person who is constantly taking action in depression! Think about that.

  1. Act as if:

I love this one.Nothing busts shrinking like acting as if you have arrived where you are going. I kid you not!

Picture how your light is shining…or how it is supposed to shine…or how you desire to shine. What do you see? Do you see a happy person? Do you see a well dressed person who is adding value to the lives of other people? What is the title of that person? A Motivating speaker? An author? A servant of God?

Whatever you see, start acting as if you indeed are that person NOW. Because indeed you are. What is happening is that you are gestating. You are not any different right now from that person. Dress like him. Walk like him. Talk like him. Act like him.

This point goes a long way to help especially when negative thoughts seem to overwhelm you. I know Darren Hardy was against this few months back but let me tell you this: Fake it until you make it! You get the point. There is so much light shinning when you do this than when you give in to your negative thoughts and shrink back.

You are not meant to shrink back, you are meant to shine! So let’s shine in 2015, shall we?