3 Important Things About Your Ingredients for Success

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May 24, 2013
May 31, 2013

3 Important Things About Your Ingredients for Success

Crafting Your Own Formula to Excel

The world is full of formulas. I can bet that anything that has a definition has a formula. A formula for its make up. A formula for its existence. It has inside of it, a formula for it’s optimal existence.

You also have a formula. The question is: What is your definition? Do you know it? It is a sorry day when grown ups who can read and write have no idea what their definition is. And no, I am not talking about the biological definition of a human being in terms of Kingdom, Class…and so on. I am not talking about Zinjanthropus and all that monkey-related definition of human beings.

I am talking about one’s definition in terms of essence. I am also talking of one’s definition in terms of their Life Signature. Knowing one’s definition is the starting point of knowing one’s formula for optimal performance, and I dare say, it is the pathway of understanding the make up of one’s full existence in life.

One thing about a formula is that it always works. A formula either incorporates principles or respects them. There is a formula for speed. There is a formula for climbing a high hill. There is a formula for a good marriage. There is a formula for success at the work place. There is a formula for leadership.

Here is the thing: Formulas in life are so inherently personal! This means two things:

  • What works for you might not work for me, it’s personal
  • All formulas must be owned to work. Without a formula being downloaded in the heart and applied, it will not serve the owner!

So here is the thing. Known formulas are as useless as unknown formulas. It is applied formulas that work. That is why you will hear of there being a secret for success from just about everybody that is successful. Why is it called a secret? Simple. It was known, and applied! Period. It is secret to you because you did not know it and therefore you did not apply it!

So how do you know your formula? Three things:

  1. The Heart: Everyone has one. I am talking about interests, passion, purpose and pursuits. The reasons why most people fail is because they apply a formula for success that totally excludes the heart. When you do away with the heart, you die.
  2. The Hands: This speaks of taking action. Once your heartbeat is set on something, it is in the relentless pursuit of what matters to you that will sweep any obstacle off of the way and make you successful. It takes time! That is why I have been navigating away from anyone telling me that there is a shortcut for me to get rich…and obtain that which I dream of in life. We all love shortcuts, but they dispossess us of growth.
  3. Momentum: Your formula will not work like a magic wand once! That is not life. Even God himself did not fill the whole wide world in a day! He started by two people…the seed principle. Your formula has to be applied again and again and again and again…the secret is in your daily routine. Secrets should not be things that are outside of us….someone else’s formula. Secrets are what we know and do daily.

Everyone will tell you that there is a formula for success. What if you had your own? You would own it and use it right? You would also preach it and show it to the world, right? Right. Why? Because it worked for you.

My challenge is that we should stop chasing other people’s secrets and start using what readily is available for us on  a daily basis. True, we should borrow as much as we can, but we should never be silent to that which is personal and readily available.