About Lawrence Namale

Hi! My Name is Lawrence Namale, I am a Life Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker.

What that means is that I am loaded with a message (not messages), but a message of hope, direction and purpose for individual lives across the globe. The message is simple: I believe that every last one of us is valuable, was meant to be valuable in their lifespan here on earth. Every last one!

My mission is to awaken us to the boundless possibilities available in life, especially to the multiplied millions who are shrinking back from making a difference, because they feel unworthy to contribute. My mandate is to help bring to reality every single person who knows deep down in their gut that they are better than what they are experiencing, and are actually telling themselves “hey, look, there has got to be more to life than this!”.

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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without …

8 Levels of Purpose Discovery-[Part 12]

LEVEL 2: INQUEST I f you are searching for something, knowing where to search is a very critical thing. On …

8 Levels of Purpose Discovery-[Part 11]

LEVEL 2: INQUEST P urpose discovery is just exactly that. It is a discovery. A discovery takes time. It is …

8 Levels of Purpose Discovery-[Part 10]

LEVEL 2: INQUEST A story is told of Henry Ford and a veteran external engineer. I might not be able …


“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” ~ Peter Drucker

10 Effective Ways of Breaking Smartphone Addiction [Part 1]

In one of the articles on productivity in this blog, I shared extensively on 150 ways we get distracted by our smartphones. …

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10 Effective Ways of Breaking Smartphone Addiction [Part 2]

First off, we live in a microwave generation that wants quick answers. We want solutions in microseconds and do not …

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Overcoming Purpose Intimidation

ecently, I was invited to a Business breakfast at a prominent hotel in Kampala. The guest speaker was a well …

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The 7 Greatest Alternative Currencies of Life

You have probably heard this saying that, “Everyone has a price”. This saying normally alludes to the fact that people …

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Fear: The Greatest Success Impediment and its 4 Cures

hat do you think is the greatest impediment to success? Could it be ignorance? The Bible says, “My people perish …

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The 4 Most Forgotten Power Habits of the 21st Century

In 1960, an expert opinion to the American Congress on the future of technology posited the following: that people will …

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Life Signatures

“The greatest lesson I ever learnt in life was to have a complete framework of living Life By Design, far more important than my School and College Certificates”

–Lawrence Namale

Unearth your life’s greatest potential, discover you!

Books Published

Explore inspirational and life transforming books authored by Lawrence Namale

Turn Your Setbacks Into Major Come Backs

Cliche has it that ‘adversity comes with it a greater seed of benefit’. This book clearly and comprehensively describes not only why this cliche is true, but also provides 21 clear cut ways as to How a setback of any magnitude can be turned around, or used to become better, richer, grander, deeper and bolder. The style employed in writing is unique, in that it features a true life story of an executive who has been stuck from time to time in his life, well, just like many people have been. People that love to peruse through books will find themselves holding onto this one a little longer, thanks to the powerful style of highlighting fiery and thought provoking truths in every other page, in form of notes, quotes, and captions. The book is complete with the help of major leading lights in the industry including the father of Human Potential Movement, Tony Robbins, the CEO of Dream University, Marcia Weider, the founder of Wisdom Center, Mike Murdock, and the author of ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins, among others like Joe Vitale, Peter J. Daniels, Maryanne Williamson, Kim George and Napoleon Hill.

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